Thursday, January 8


We've got a lot going on here at Sexy Accident central. And, by BINGOD, I'm going to tell you all about it.

First of all, we extend a warm, mushy welcome to our new bass player, Pat Padgett! Pat comes to us by way of excellent KC rock band Six II Chaos and he's already adding exciting new aspects to our sound.

As thrilled as we are to have Pat P. aboard, we are sad to say goodbye to Mr. Pat Fent, our bass player of the last year and a half or so. Pat was a very important part of the band. Always great in a clutch situation (he's used to performing under pressure - ha), Mr. Fent probably did a better job than both Daniel and me when we hit the studio to record Kinda Like Fireworks. Through good shows and bad, Pat was unflappable and always good-humored. He put up with my oft-perfectionistic ways and he kept us down to earth. I know I speak for all of us when I say we're going to miss him. So, salut Mr. Fent! Rock onwards and upwards, and enjoy your new life in sunny, bikini-equipped Florida. We're sure you're going to do just fine down there.

We continue to rehearse like mad to prepare for album three (to be tracked in April.) And our new songs are terribly, terribly exciting. Why just today we worked on one that sounds like a cross between the Cure, Nada Surf and Iron Maiden. Can you hear it in your mind's ear? I sure can.

- Jesse Kates / the Sexy Accident > listen on iTunes