Tuesday, January 13

Do you like to design posters and things?

The Sexy Accident has a fine tradition of excellent posters. Just look at our Myspace or Facebook Flyer galleries!

To date, I've done 99% of the designs myself. But as the band continues to move forward and we play more and more shows, etc., I'm finding I can't keep up!

SO: we're looking for somebody who would enjoy making some "Sexy Accident" flyers. Maybe you'd want to do it for the portfolio, or maybe just for fun? In return, we can guestlist you to shows, give you free drinks (if you're of age. :) and toss you some CDs and shirts, etc. And of course copies of whatever posters you make!

We'd cover all printing costs (full color, nice paper.) We're just looking for help with the design!

Interested? Get in touch.

- Jesse Kates / the Sexy Accident > listen on iTunes