Friday, December 5

National Press: The Big Takeover

The Sexy Accident were just reviewed by Dave Heaton in The Big Takeover!

I just got my copy of issue 63 in the mail today, with Death Cab for Cutie on the cover.

Our review is on page 153! Here's the text:

the sexy accident
kinda like fireworks

This Kansas City-based band's second LP is just as driven by catchy
melodies and smart, real-life lyric-writing as their first, 2006's
Tourism. But they're tighter: a forceful, even fiery power-pop trio.
The band's singer/songwriter/guitarist, Jesse Kates, sings with a
devotion and sensitivity that's sometimes surprising; his voice will
rise above the rock, catch air. His guitar will too, alternating
between lightness and crunch. The songs switch too from the rough to
the gentle, by telling stories sad and sweet. Within them people make
mistakes, hurt each other, and express their love, through road trips
and a shared knowledge of each other's eccentricities. This musical
and lyrical balancing of hurt and tenderness is to the album's
benefit, making it a very human sort of rock 'n' roll album.

- Dave Heaton

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- Jesse Kates / the Sexy Accident > listen on iTunes