Friday, August 8

Free buttons!

For a limited time, we'll give you one of our super amazing logo buttons when you sign up for our newsletter!

Just sign up, and I'll write back asking for your address. Then I'll put a button in a little white envelope, lick the envelope (or use a sponge dipped in water to wet the envelope), seal the envelope, affix a stamp, address the envelope (with your address), place a return address sticker on it, place the prepared envelope on a shelf near my door, pick it up when I next leave the house and place it in a nearby mailbox!

Then, a postal service worker will use a very complicated system involving elves, cars, elephants, wicker baskets, marsupials and sticky tack to deliver the envelope containing the button to your door!

THEN, you can open the envelope, remove the button, and use it however you like! Please don't poke anyone with the sharp part, though, or throw it!

That is all.

- Jesse Kates / the Sexy Accident > listen on iTunes