Tuesday, July 22

I'm pooped

I don't know about all of y'all, but I'm dragging today. It's hot hot hot in the Kansas City. I was up late rocking out at Jerry's Bait Shop (thanks to everyone who came out!), and I didn't sleep terribly well, and now I'm back at work trying to find some focus.

Last night's show was good. Our set got cut short, which was a bummer, so we only played two songs with Chad, our new guitarist: My Girl from Kinda Like Fireworks and our cover of Uptown Girl by Billy Joel! :) Both went over really well.

The lollipop factory rocked my world with their soccer pants, fitted t-s, wall of amps and tophat (singular.) It made me want to work on our look. That stuff doesn't come naturally to me, though.

Thankfully, it's almost lunch. A little walking and talking and eating will do me good.

- Jesse Kates / the Sexy Accident > listen on iTunes


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woa, I shoulda stayed for that band! Now I want to listen to my Jellyfish CD's...


2:36 PM  

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