Saturday, April 12

The Sexy Accident seeks fourth

The Sexy Accident, Kansas City's Least Complex Pop Band, has operated for the past two+ years as a three piece. In May, we release our second album. You can hear a few tracks on myspace.

We are considering adding a fourth member to add more diversity to our sound. This person should be able to play guitar, keyboards and sing and be able to offer arrangement ideas (and possibly song ideas) on their own. Ideally, this person would be a woman for vocal reasons. Any additional instrumental capabilities would be a big plus, as would a willingness to participate in the business side of running a band. Your contributions would help shape the sound of the band in the future.

In terms of commitment, we practice one to two times weekly for ~3 hours and play out about twice per month. Regional jaunts are planned, though extensive touring is not.

If you like our sound, enjoy trying to make the best music you can and have fun while working hard, then this is the band for you.

If you're interested, get in touch!

Jesse Kates *