Saturday, April 12

Fooled you! Album out NOW!


On their sophomore release, The Sexy Accident tackles love, lust, loss and infidelity with peculiar panache and tremendous pop sensibility.

The lyrics are sharp, the guitars alternately scathe and soothe, and the drums are blisteringly fast. The songs are intelligent, considered and insightful, but always played and sung with an intensity and urgency that rings of first hand experience.

Recorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio, Chicago.
  1. Baby, it's not cheating
  2. Stall
  3. My girl
  4. Gardener, Gibbet, Misery
  5. Flirting with disaster
  6. Hey you
  7. Morning drive
  8. Lonely days
  9. Dancing with my friends
  10. Skies

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