Sunday, March 16

Stone in love

Wow. Fun evening! Just got back from seeing Stone in Love (Journey tribute band) knock the roof off of the Record Bar. They sold the place out! I was only able to enter because Mr. Chuckles Whittingtoppolis of NNHM was kind enough to guestlist me. I felt pretty hip (certainly much hipper than I am) bypassing the line of people waiting to pay (and being told they couldn't enter until others left.) Obviously, the show was a smashing success. I can't wait for the next one! I had a nice talk with Andrew Sallee and Chris Tolle, too. I am going to make it a goal to get out to more shows. It's just too much fun not to, and every time I go I meet somebody interesting.

And all of this of course is only possible because of my super awesome wife, who willingly postponed her sleep in morning so I could go out to the show. I'll get her back tomorrow night, but nevertheless... all of this music stuff would be more or less impossible with a child and a less supportive wife. Salut the Stephanie!

The earlier part of the evening was also fun - a game night with some coworkers and their spouses (spice?). We played cranium and I tried to sell them T-Shirts like the pseudo-Amway man I am. :) Tobias was in rare form when Lauriann and Jimmy arrived. He tried to do pretty much anything he could think of that would be "bad" in an effort to get attention. Hurling toys, crushing the cat, flinging laundry from the bin, taking books from the shelf, scaling the table, etc... It all worked out, of course. He's really a very good kid. I'd just say "hey buddy, pick up that toy you just threw." He'd spin around a few times, I'd repeat myself, but he'd eventually do it. Each and every time. Salut the Tobias! :)

And now, to bed!

Jesse Kates *