Monday, February 4

weekend update


I just figured I'd write something since it's been a while. We are busy busy busy here at Sexy Accident central. Rehearsing as much as we can, recording demo versions of songs to send up to Greg @ Electrical, burning promo CDs for our Record Bar show (February 20th, 10pm!), putting up flyers, etc., being retardedly envious of more successful local bands (maybe that's just me?) :)

I think I've finalized the track order for the new album. It's a fun thing, sequencing an album. When I do it, I think about three issues. 1. the flow from song to song 2. the overall thematic effect and 3. general expectations of certain track numbers.

For instance, you don't want to hit people in a row with all of your most energetic songs, but you do want your #1 to really punch and your #2 to pull them through to #3, which tends to be the single, though the single sometimes hides at #4. If #4 is not the single, it seems to tend to be a difficult song - an intentional break in the flow to get your attention. And if you break the flow, #5 needs to bring it right back again. Basically, you have to hold everyone's attention from song to song while still trying to have the album make some sort of thematic sense - like a logical progression of the overall story or, at minimum, of the emotional tone.

So here's the track order with my thoughts -

1. Baby it's not cheating - the perfect opening song. It hooks you right away while rapidly introducing the band one person/instrument at a time. Plus, it's about cheating.

2. Stall - rolling and poppy. You've hit the freeway. A song of artistic angst in a relationship gone bad.

3. My girl - the single - catchy as hell and very happy! Contentedness in love.

4. Gardener, Gibbet, Misery - the sudden twist - sparse and brooding. melancholy. little did he know that he would mess up everything by opening his mouth.

5. Flirting with Disaster - rocky and turbulent, secret lust!

6. Hey you - accelerating coming out of the curves. A song of (self)righteous indignation during a sring-along.

7. Morning drive - Full speed ahead. Let's go to New York.

8. Lonely days - An oasis of calm. Sympathy and sadness for a friend choosing a difficult path.

9. Dancing with my friends - Enough of that, time to party. A tounge-in-cheek tale of middle school rejection.

10. Skies - We end with a tale of new hope. A three minute romance set in Kansas City's best rotating restaurant.

Hope you've all been well. Back to work!

Jesse Kates *