Tuesday, February 12

nobody knows who you are

me: do you remember the electric company?
it was probably before your time

Brigid: the electric company?
not sure
like in monopoly? haha

me: it was a TV show on PBS
sort of like a sesame street for older kids
but anyway
it had a spider man segment, pretty weak... but all my life i've remembered the theme song to it
which was very short, and went "spider man, where are you coming from, spider man, nobody knows who you are"
i find it interesting that, given the task of writing a theme song, the writer chose to use his limited lyrics space in two ways 1. a question, which of course is never answered and 2. a basic statement of fact: "nobody knows who you are"
no mention of spider strength, web shooting, spider sense, etc... just ... "nobody knows who you are."
seems like a hell of a wasted opportunity to me
so anyway, i decided that people need theme songs, and that each theme song must be limited to two disclosures. for example, yours might be "briiigid. you work at adknowledge. briiiigid. you like to eat bakalava."
baklava, even
and that would be your theme song.
do you like it?

Brigid: hahaha
you didn't ask a question
oh just 2 facts
not a question and a fact

me: well it could go either way
like "briiiigid. what will you wear today? briiiiigid. you like to eat baklava."
i actually like your rules better than mine though. from now on, the question is a must.

Jesse Kates * www.sexyaccident.com