Sunday, October 21

Acoustic show preparations

So I've booked a solo show at the Westport coffeehouse on Saturday, November 17.

I have three hours (three hours!) of stage time. The owner assured me that I could just do the same 45 minute set three times, but that's way too easy.

Instead I'm going to do three sets of non-repeating music. So far, I've worked up acoustic arrangements of ten Sexy Accident songs. There are at least five others that I can play on an acoustic and have it sound good, so that gets me to 15 songs, which is more than enough for one set.

I figure I'll do a few covers and some loop material from Sleight of Hand. That gives me a second set. And for the third, I'm thinking Whitford and Bandocalrissian tunes! None of which have been played in years!

I'll probably end up mixing it all up, rather than doing sets. I'm pretty excited. It's a nice challenge to have to fill so much time.

Jesse Kates *