Sunday, September 30

The haps

I thought I'd drop a blog (that sounds awful, doesn't it? :) on the goings on, in addition to web-site updates.

Steph and Tobias have been in Las Vegas visiting Steph's mom for the past few days. I've had a pretty fantastico weekend of pseudobachelorhoodness. On Friday I hung out with Brigid and some of our current and former co-workers. We hit the Cashew downtown and then the Cigar Box, two places I'd never been.

I probably damaged my hearing more in that one night than I have in the last two years of rock rehearsals and shows. At the Cigar Box I was nestled in a cushy armchair right next to one of the PA speakers. The speaker was about 12" from my head. I tried buffering it a bit with a throw pillow, but you can imagine how effective that was. Really, you can.

Initially I was pretty uncomfortable, but something in me (perhaps alcohol) decided that it was time to stop worrying about it and embrace a little self-obliteration. After all, is there a more pleasant way to obliterate oneself than to watch a number of attractive women dance to Abba at >120db while sipping a screwdriver in an armchair? All I lacked was a smoking jacket.

I have decided that, at some point, I need to start dancing.

Our final stop of the evening was Jimmy Johns, who in a brilliant business maneuver have decided to stay open until 4AM on Friday and Saturday nights serving sandwiches to the intoxicated and the otherwise awake.

Last night I went out to Lawrence with Mark Hamblin and Chuck of namelessnumberheadman to watch said band rock the Replay Lounge. Both Chuck and Mark have trained to be Sexy Accident fill-in bassists at times past, but that's not really germane, now is it?

We started the night by enjoying bindi masala (okra), a cheese korma and some vegetable samosas at the Indian place just off Mass ave. We may have also invented a few businesses, but only time will tell.

The show itself was fab, and the stage banter particularly entertaining. Do you like piano played up high? Yeah? At one point I saved Andrew's keyboard from an untimely death as it began to fall from its stand during one of the more rockish numbers of the night. Andrew was busy drumming, singing, and milking a calf and Chuck was playing guitar, completing a tax return and conjugating the verb "to jump" in French while whistling, so only I could save the keyboard. Afterwards I was given mad props, as they say on the street(s), which was nice, and apt considering how awesome I am.

Both of these evenings ended around 5AM, which means I'm happily sleepy now. Perhaps unfortunately, I've also been watching chuck's copy of "A year and a half in the life of METALLICA" which means I may be at risk of living (sleeping?) the Enter Sandman video if my subconscious opts to be bitchy.

Other interesting events of note - Mr. Forester photographed us last week at his soon-to-be-abandoned pad. The session was very fun. I particulary enjoyed playing the "dress up Pat Fent" game. He comes with so many outfits!

Other than that we're siked about our two shows next weekend. We don't exactly know where the second one is yet, but I'm sure that'll work itself out.

Geoffrey Brigid Ryan Michael (Aileen) Sean Kyle Kathryn!

Just sayin'

Jesse Kates *