Thursday, August 2

NPV trumps IRR, baby

I think I should start calling myself the nerdiest man in rock, though I suppose Rivers Cuomo has me beat.

I'm currently in Philadelphia taking an accounting class meant for "executives." At the Wharton Business School. At U. Penn. Settle down, ladies!

And I'm really, really having a good time. :) It's sort of like an academic resort. The food is awesome. The classes run from 8am-9pm. All of the professors are, as one might expect, fantastic. I generally only get to leave the bulding for about an hour a day, during which I walk as fast as I can around the campus and surrounding streets to get some exercise.

I had a 'free night' on Wednesday and got to enjoy a few bars and a nice restaurant with my classmates. Tomorrow the class is over, but due to flight times, etc., I'm leaving on Saturday. I need to find something to do, but that can't be hard in a town as cool as this.

Rock on! And remember, don't settle for less than your hurdle rate.

Jesse Kates *