Wednesday, August 29

my band kicks mad ass

album practice 1 went superbly. foci -

gardener, gibbet, misery
morning drive

about five reps each. bass tweaks, drum tweaks, timing/tempo refinement. all good things.

i am SO excited about this album.

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album practice 2 the following day was also excellent, though I decided to make some significant changes to abigail. we hit -

glory be
hey you

hey you was the strongest, and joins stall in the short list of "songs at 90% readiness"

i've also made myself a bass-only sing-along CD of all of the tunes. so i'm practicing all of my vocals almost every day on the way to and from work! efficiency is key when you have a jobby-job, a sonny-son, a wifey-wife, a yardy-yard and a bandy-band.

finally, we will soon take band photos with one mr. forester, who kicks mad ass as well.

Jesse Kates *