Friday, July 13


The show last night was fantastico. We played well, and everyone was bouncing up and down. It was great to see some good friends in the crowd, too, and to meet new peeps. And of course the ever-capable Dave Gaumasterflex handled live sound, endowing us with the strength of eight gorillas each, at least.

For those keeping score, the setlist was:

Bottled in Glass
The more things stay the same
Glory be
Hey you
Dancing with my friends
Flirting with disaster
Morning drive
Lonely days

12 songs (and only three from our first album!) It went by in a blink. It really was a fun show. I haven't listened to the tracks from the mobile recorder yet, but perhaps I'll post a few up.

This marks the end of the "first half" on our journey towards album-recording preparedness. Everything seems to be coming together very well. Wish us luck for round two!

Update: Google helped me find this unbiased account of the show!

Jesse Kates *