Sunday, July 15


As of about 10 minutes ago, I've finished writing the tenth and probably final song for the Sexy Accident's second album. It's a big weight off my shoulders. The first nine came pretty easily over the past year or so, but knowing that I only needed one more for the album (I like ten song albums) has kept me semi-blocked for the past two or three months.

I've been writing lots of stuff, usually starting with guitar parts, but hadn't hit that magical combination of catchy and interesting until now. That's what I'm always looking for. Most of the ideas that I discarded ended up being a lot more complex than what I kept. It just goes to show that simple is often best, particularly with this band (though honestly, are songs with choruses in 7/8 really that simple?)

So, the tenth song is called "Gardener, gibbet, misery" As you can guess, it's not a peppy number, but it's actually quite pretty (in a sad way) and probably contains my most acrobatic set of vocal lines yet. It'll be a nice counterpoint to the mostly driving/energetic material I've written thus far.

So, the ten songs (in the order they were written, not in final track order) are -

1. Glory be
2. Dancing with my friends
3. Stall
4. Morning drive
5. Abigail
6. Skies
7. Flirting with disaster
8. Lonely days
9. Hey you
10. Gardener, gibbet, misery

Despite the order in which they were written, some of the "oldest" songs are actually the "newest", because we never stop tweaking them as we rehearse and play them live.

For example, "Glory be" has been completely rearranged from the version that we first played at the American Icehouse last July. They only thing we kept is the lyrics. We're still making changes, too, and will continue to do so up until (and possibly during) our October trip to Electrical Audio.

I can honestly say that this is the best set of artistic work of any kind that I've ever done in my life. I hope I can keep outdoing myself in the years to come.

Jesse Kates *