Tuesday, July 10

Aye, verily - The Brick, This THURSDAY

Yon Sexy Accident shalt smite The Brick this Thursday after the sun hath set in ruby currents (at 10pm) with YON THEORY OF THINE TONIC OF MEDICINAL-NATURE (the Medicine Theory) and HARK FOR I HAVE CROSSED MANY LEAGUES IN MINE BOOTIES (Overstep) ! Blood shalt run like maple syrup and the dead shalt tarnish thine mail with perilous and sparkle-y flame.

Forsooth, yay verily The Brick canst be founde betwixt 1727 McGee St. sur downtowne KC, MO (map)

Hast thine ears been denied the pleasure of our warbles? Harken to a small companiondom of living RECORDS from the VAULTS -

Flirting with disaster, Lonely days, Skies

May hope and honor garnish thine table with mushrooms and fresh relish,

Jesse Kates * www.sexyaccident.com