Wednesday, June 27

Wherever you go, there you are.

So tonight I played the open mic night at the Crave Cafe here at 39th st. I figured a little extra practice never hurt and it was an opportunity to be a human billboard (I wore my Sexy Accident shirt).

I was *so* nervous, though! Which strikes me as funny, as I pretty much don't get nervous anymore in front of much larger crowds, on much bigger stages. I guess it's just a question of basic familiarity. At this point, bars are pretty much old hat. And I know my electric gear and how it's going to play out from song to song.

But - sitting down, playing acoustic, being by myself, not being elevated. All of these are comparatively brand new. (I've only played two 'acoustic' gigs of any kind, and none with this band.) So I guess it stands to reason that it would feel different.

So I forgot the second verse of the more things stay the same, which I've never done before. Oh well. And actually, come to think of it, I think I actually didn't forget it - I began singing the right words but somehow my brain convinced me that I had already sang 'em in verse 1. So I stopped dead. Stupid brain. :)

Jesse Kates *