Tuesday, June 19

Ah, 4:50AM

Up bright and early after a late night of practice. I have an important meeting this morning with the boss and the boss's boss, etc. I always love the late night/early morning squeeze; it's a clear benefit of the rock-star/corporate lifestyle medly. :)

But I got to party with my son this morning, who loves to run in circles around Stephanie until he gets so dizzy that he can't even stand up straight. Pretty cool. :)

Last night we adopted a new practice regimen. We now hit one song and one song only until we can play it near-perfectly. After each attempt, we go around the room mission-control style and report on our satisfaction. When everyone's happy, we move on, but not before.

So we managed to perfect four tunes! Glory be, Abigail, Bottled in Glass and Stall, which is by far our most complicated song. After rehearsal on Thursday, we should be totally ready to rock the pantaloons off of St. Joe's premiere pirate-themed all ages venue, the Scallywag.

Last week I also had the pleasure of rocking out with one Adam Perry, former drummer of Whitford and long-time friend. He was visiting us from San Francisco. Fantastic times were had, culminating perhaps in a bizarre episode at the drug store involving the eavesdropping of strangers and well-timed references to West Side Story.

Still trying to puzzle out the situation I alluded to in my prior post. That one may take a while...

Anywho... it's time for me to get ready for work.

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