Tuesday, October 24

Show hijinx


We're always a little bit too ambitious for our own good, but we had to look at the facts and make a few adjustments. So, in chronological order -

1. Our show at the Lemp in St. Louis this Friday has been cancelled and will be rescheduled

2. Our next show (and Doug's first appearance) is now Friday, Nov 3 here in Kansas City at the Farm Gallery in the Crossroads! And it's a first friday, so come out to see the rock and hear the art, or something like that

3. As mentioned previously, our show at El Torreon on Nov 11 has also been cancelled and will be rescheduled

See our shows page for details... It's now up to date.

We are working on new songs and will resume booking in earnest now that we have a lineup. We plan to debut at least one of the songs, How long can you stall?, at the Farm gig. It's a scorcher!

Rock on with your bad selves,

Jesse Kates * www.sexyaccident.com