Wednesday, September 6

I am a bad, bad indie rocker!

I'm writing at the last minute to tell you that we are playing a show tomorrow night at Davey's Uptown in Kansas City, beginning promptly at 8pm. (We mean it. NO arriving at 8:30 if you want to see us. We'll be almost done by then. You know who you are.)

This one will be a bit different, as we're opening for a local country singer named Hallie Rose who is an acquaintance of BIlly Briz-own, our slammin' driz-ummer.

We intend to aggravate as many people as possible, as we truly and deeply believe that suffering is a valid artistic response to music.

Seriously, we promise we will not slay yr face. Nor ride an expressway to yr skull. But we shall bring forth that special musical blend that Kansas City is learning to call "The Gray Poupon of Rock n'Roll."

Jesse Kates *