Sunday, March 26

Oh the decadent, rampant life!

Yes! I am a rock god working on his lawn. For those who missed the drama last year, our house was hit by a FedEx truck. Yes, you read that right.

All told, things have worked out. We now have a new porch, which is pretty swank. And I learned a lot about insurance companies.

The last remaining step is to convert the mud put in front of our house into a yard. Bear in mind that this mud put is/was in reality a complex garden with gravel paths and many plants that has been 1) neglected by its new owners (us) 2) run over by a truck and 3) buried under piles of clay and limestone during the construction of the new porch.

But it's a beautiful day. Around 60 and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. So if you're wondering who that sexy rocker with the metal rake is, it's me.

Jesse Kates *