Sunday, December 4

Mixing = Done!

After about 40 hours of work, Randy and I have finished mixing The Sexy Accident's debut album. It's on the way to golden mastering via Fedex overnight and should return all growed up in 4-5 weeks.

As a reminder, you can get a sneak preview of one of our tracks, Bottled in Glass, at

Meanwhile, my wife is "due" in 16 days, so I'll probably have my son in hand before my musical baby comes back to roost. Crazy exciting!

Tonight we attended Chuck Whittington's 30th's birthday party. Many KC musical peeps were in attendance and a good time was had by all. Did you know that Kettle Chips makes a Thai spice flavor? They're really good. I recommend them without hesitation.

As you may have noticed, the Sexy Accident has a show booked on Friday January 6th. More interesting timing! Hope to see you there - we'll probably play our new album in its entirety and in track order. I've always loved it when bands do that, and I've always wanted to do it myself.

Rock on,

Jesse Kates *


Blogger Malcolm said...

Congratulations on both the artistic and biological fronts!


4:48 AM  

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