Thursday, December 22

Happy holidays!

Things are crazy, so I may not update the blog as frequently as usual.

On the band front, we are excited about our show on Friday January 6th at The Brick! We hope to see you there!

In more personal news, MY SON WAS BORN!

Tobias Sebastian Kates. He's a cutey!

Season's greetings from all of us in the Sexy Accident!

Jesse Kates *


Blogger Carol Maltby said...

Congratulations to all of you! I was doing some "wonder whatever happened to..." surfing a while ago and found your website. It's great to see you're doing well.

Jesse, I have a top that was yours when you were little that your mom had passed on to me when I had my daughters. I think you'll need it back now! When you get a chance (no rush, I know you'll be very busy, and I am too) email me a street address where I can UPS it to you.

Pass on a Merry Christmas to your mom from Ted and me, would you? And a Happy Hanukkah to your dad and Helene, a Happy Solstice to your Uncle Billy (who I last saw at a Columbus Day gathering in the woods several years ago), and a Happy [whatever they're celebrating] to your Aunt Betsy and Aunt Sarah.

Carol Maltby (your mom's old friend from Montclair)

carolmaltby at

1:20 PM  

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