Monday, November 14


What do you think this is, Fall?

OK, so I was spoiled by our unusually warm November. We've gone from 75 to 40 within 24 hours. Now, you native midwesterners may understand these sudden weather shifts, but I keep thinking that somebody left the 'fridge open or set the thermostat wrong.

I've never been a fan of driving home from work in the dark and cold. (Though now I feel obliged to ask myself "who is?") It's enough to make me think about moving somewhere without seasons. Like San Francisco or ... San Francisco?

So I've got a CD on (Coltrane's Giant Steps) and that's perking me up. Plus Steph is cooking a mean green thai curry for us. Then it's time for Mr. Show or Ali G and a glass of Spanish wine. I really have no right to complain! So I'll stop! This evening is going to RULE! :)

Actually, writing out that little plan up there did cheer me up. Blogger, you're my best friend! I can always talk to YOU.

In other news, I kinda wish the baby were here already so I could get my bearings straight as "dad" (what a weird word to apply to myself. So weird I had to use italics.)

I wonder, can I rock when I'm "dad?"


Jesse Kates *