Friday, November 25

Happy tofurky day!

Well, we didn't actually eat a TOFURKY brand meatless bird, but we did eat Stephanie's amazing home-made flightless soy foul, the result of years of R&D with some... interesting... interim evolutions.

If you haven't yet, see Walk the Line. It's just awesome. It inspired me to new levels of Rock, Reese Witherspoon (that's not a typo) and made me cry here and there.

In other news, The Sexy Accident album has a title! It's called TOURISM, and we're nearly done mixing it. Just a few more tweaks and then it's off to Golden Mastering for professional tweakery. I'm very excited. Golden Mastering is the shop that handled Calexico's "Feast of Wire." As comic book dorks like me say when we're blogging about Calexico, 'nuff said.

Anyway, enjoy your holiday! Be sexy!

Jesse Kates *