Thursday, September 8

Recording the Sexy Day 1

It's early Thursday morning and I'm up again after a late night recording drums, bass and scratch guitar for the Sexy Accident demo (and for eventual album tracks.) We worked from about 6pm to 1am at Sound Campaign recording studio, a new home studio run by Randy Ponzio that will soon see a more proper unveiling on the world wide web.

Like a motard (that's a motorcycle cop in France), I forgot to take pictures as we worked at a steady, somewhat elevated pace to get the tracks down. If you've ever recorded, you know that at least 50% of a 7 hour block will be setup, leaving 3.5 hours for playing, rough mixing, listening back and playing again if necessary.

All told we were highly, highly efficient and had a lot of fun. We have 4 songs in the works and the only one we had to play more than once or twice was a new number (Dan hadn't had the opportunity to write a bass part for it, yet.) It's always nice to spring things at the last minute! :)

I will record guitars this weekend. Watch this space!

Jesse Kates *


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah...a sneaky sneak of a sneaky dude sold me a rough CD of your new material - songs sounded like they would be great in a VW commercial:


10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive had the great opportunity to play with Dan. Many years ago and he impresses me to this day.


11:50 PM  

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