Sunday, March 27

Weekends: I'm for them.

Wrote another song today (or at least the music part - no lyrics yet). It's my favorite so far. It's fun to be playing without loops again. I can riff it up and be expressive in ways that are more noticeable.

Went to the magnificent Blue Koi tonight with some friends, then watched Ron White's stand-up DVD: "They Call Me 'Tater Salad." It was pretty good. Ron seemed like he should be a character in Cerebus, what with the Whiskey and cigarettes and generally ... worldly demeanor.

I have glasses again. Last week my supposedly titanium glasses split in two suddenly! Turns out only the temples were titanium. I'm now wearing a pair of rimless Kawasaki's, which is pretty cool, but I really really liked the way my last pair looked on me. They were impractical, though. The temples went straight back with no hooks, and sometimes they would fly off at inopportune times (such as when looking down at my pedalboard.)

Tomorrow: breakfast at Succotash in celebration of Spring. (Or in celebration of Lima Bean hummus. Whichever.)