Tuesday, March 8

Day 5: NYC

Hello sports fans! Today we spent our breakfast hour walking around Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh. We stopped in front of our old apartment and other historic Kates/Toth landmarks. Then we hopped in the car and drove 7 hours to NYC. For lunch we ate pizza at a random place outside Allentown and arrived at CB's Gallery at 6:15, well ahead of schedule. Around 7 my NY/NJ family and friends (my mom, aunt, uncle, Chris, Alley ane Anne) arrived and we went to dinner at an ALL-VEGETARIAN restaurant called Kate's place. ALL-VEGETARIAN restaurants are great for me and Steph, as we are vegetarians, but they are also somewhat torturous because we are accustomed to only being able to eat one or two items on a standard menu, and the full range of options perplexes our feeble brains (atrophied from lack of protein, don't you know.)

After dinner I rocked the gallery. It was great to see everyone and the set went well, though I had to drop a song due to time constraints. Then we went to a combo tea shop and bar, which is a brilliant concept, and I had soy hot chocolate with a Croissant. Now I am chilling in my uncle's house in Brooklyn, and tomorrow morning we will meet our amazing friend (amazing like Ice Man or the Human Torch) Anne once more for breakfast in SOHO. Then it's on to Philly to play at, of all places, the Manhattan Room. No matter where you go there you are!

Oh yes, also - my website is stragically NOT AVAILABLE at the moment due to domain registration issues. My web host (iPower) has been absolute crap in sorting out the problem in a timely fashion. This is obviously bad timing, as all of the attention I'm getting through these shows shoud logically lead to web hits... or routing errors, as the case may be.