Sunday, March 6

Day 2-4: Reader's digest

A tour can be pretty intense, perhaps too much for those with a mild or tempermental constitution, so I have decided not to bombard you with so-called "daily updates." Also, I am rudely ignoring a game of UNO at my dear friends Daniel and Thi's house, so I must hurry and combine several days worth of tour hijinks into one massive, amazing blog entry.

Day 2 - We leave Kansas City for Des Moines two hours late. The trunk is massively overstuffed and I am concerned, as I force a dufflebag in with a crowbar, that I may be damaging the car's rear speakers. Sure enough, 10 minutes into the drive, the stereo dies with a massive burst of static. This isn't good considering that we have about 48 hours of driving ahead of us, but we elect not to cancel the tour. :)

The Des Moines show rocks. Vaudeville Mews is a great venue with a beautiful bar. And no smoking! Sword of Exactly are fantastic as always and I am also impressed by Autumn Project. In general, the welcome is warm and the show goes well despite the fact that I butcher the first song of my set. Sword of Exactly are super awesome and let us crash at their house, and Joe feeds us cookies and very sharp cheddar cheese. We watch aqua teen hunger force. Then we sleep in Weston's room, which is the color of tangerines.

Day 3 - I manage to fix the stereo, which makes us very happy. At Joe's recommendation, we eat breakfast at a super-fine, super-busy diner place called the Waveland Diner. Then we drive to Chicago, where we check in to the super trendy and totally weird "W" hotel, which I have booked using freebie points. It's very swanky and I feel like a total fraud as I stumble out of the car with my shoelaces undone and fail to tip the valet who parks our car for the princely sum of $40/night!

The hideout is hands down the single coolest venue I have ever seen. I will post photos when I get back to KC. Amazing crowd, amazing bands. Early risers are incredibly energetic and spanky. Gabardine is very melodic and lyrically mesmerizing. Ryan, the guy who runs sound and books shows, is extremely nice, as is everyone else. The response to my set is very positive and I really hope to come back soon. After the show we go back to the hotel and sleep for 6 hours, before rising early to leave for Pittsburgh.

Day 4 - After spending a total of 18 hours in Chicago, we are on our way to PA. We eat big yummy overpriced omelettes at the "W" because everything nearby is closed. This will put an end to our hotel experiences until Philadelphia on Tuesday. We drive the 8 hours to Pittsburgh stopping for lunch at a random Chinese place out by the airport in Toledo, Ohio. While there, Steph and I conduct the first of what I hope will be many Point and Counterpoint interviews. We arrive in Pittsburgh at about 8, with three hours to spare before we need to be asleep so we can get up early to drive to New York. We eat dinner at Mad Mex, one of our favorite restaurants from our college days, with the aforementioned awesomes Daniel and Thi. Now we are back at their place and I have to stop typing so I can watch the Simpsons.