Friday, March 25

Busy busy

I am very tired. I've been basically working two jobs. All weekend I was recording demos of the new "songs with words" so I could start recruiting a rhythm section. I completed demos for three songs. Each one took about 5 hours. I was up 'til 4AM twice in a row, which set me up for a rough Monday. And this was the weekend right after the tour! I have been pushing nonstop since January 1.

Monday night I posted ads announcing my search for a drummer and bassist. On Tuesday I started to arrange auditions. Wednesday and tonight (Thursday) I played with folk, getting home at around 11:30PM both nights.

I want to really take my time during this process, which is hard for me. Tentatively, I am setting a goal of having a band gathered by the end of April.

But for now I have to sleep!