Sunday, February 27


5 days until tour. Or 4, if you take into account the fact that it's 3AM and thus technically Sunday, not Saturday.

Went to the namelessnumberheadman, Stella Link and Actors & Actresses show at the Hurricane. Nameless were awesome as usual. Chuck was riffing it up and the two new, un-recorded tunes are fantastic.

Stella Link were also fab. I hadn't seen them in at least two years and I was very impressed. They're exceptionally tight and the songs were more melodic and intricate than I remembered. Chris Metcalf is the best drummer I've seen in KC, and Dave is no slouch on bass. Just another example of how a talented rhythm section can make a bad band good, and a good band great.

Today I rehearsed the two new songs I play on my modified Fender Mustang. One of them is downright catchy... I can imagine folks dancing to it if it had drums. Also hung posters for Thursday's tour kickoff at the Brick. And I'm already concocting plans for Jesse Kates album 2.

Oscars and game night tomorrow. Should be fun.