Saturday, February 19

On the bandwagon, baby

So I've decided that a blog is a better idea than a message board. After all, I'm numero uno around these parts, no? :)

Promotions for the tour are in full swing. I have sent posters to the venues and CDs to radio stations. And I'm conducting a free CD giveaway here and there.

I have two new songs that you haven't heard unless you're my wife. So I'll be playing a total of 7 songs on 3 guitars on this tour. The set should be about 40 minutes long - a perfect serving of loopy goodness.

Speaking of loopy, I am tired. It's 4am and I've been bashing at this blog for hours now. We were out late hanging out with the R'asa Badi'a dance crew and now it's time to sleep.

Welcome to the mundanity that is the life of this rock n'roll star! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the aforementioned wife, I would like to add a personal recommendation for the new songs. Good stuff :) A great reason to head out for the shows!

3:27 PM  

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