Sunday, February 20

A message from god?

With my tour fast approaching every instinct tells me to rehearse. Especially since I'll be working with a third guitar and playing some new tunes.

But no! There are two factors keeping me from "getting on" my proverbial "groove:"

1. My pedalboard is dissassembled. I replaced my home-made wooden board with a pedaltrain 2, which cost me some cash and all of my remaining indie cred but provides me with a sturdy case to replace the wonderful but awkward gigantic "purse" that Steph made for me. The purse was made out of (very masculine, baby blue) canvas, but provided little protection against smashing. In any case, when I replaced the board I rearranged my pedals, and my previous patch cable set wouldn't work with the new layout. So I ordered some george l's cable because you can cut it and make it any length you want, which is great, but now I have to wait for UPS to deliver it on Tuesday or Wednesday.

2. My index finger on my right hand (fretting hand) split last week due to the dry air. This always happens to me between January and February. As anyone who's tried to play guitar knows, you can make sound without your index finger, but it's a little hard to control little details like PITCH and WHICH NOTES YOU ARE PLAYING. In truly grotesque blog-everything-and-anything style, I have prepared a photo for your enjoyment (or suffering, which is equally valid). Click to zoom in:

So anyway, I'm starting to think that 1 + 2 = a message from god that I should take it easy for a few days and let my hand heal fully. After all, such an extensive, strange confluence of events just COULD NOT happen without divine intervention. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

PS: I just checked the link to the george l's site and I really doubt that those women had anything to do with the manufacture of my cables. What do you think?